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FAQ within [ MELSERVO-J4 ]

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  • MR-J4(W)-B mode selection application

    From Start menu of Windows >, click [All Programs] > - [MELSOFT Application] > - [MR Configurator2] > and you can find “MR-J4(W)-B mode selectio... More Details >>

    • No:23637
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Specifying the axis in test operation...

    When the MR-J4-B is selected on the model selection screen at creating a new project, the multi-axis check box will be enabled. Click the check box and selec... More Details >>

    • No:23635
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Unit power consumption

    The module power consumption displays the power consumption of servo motor. Positive value indicates power running and negative value indicates regeneration. More Details >>

    • No:23636
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • SSCNET III cable type

    Thickness of coating and length of cable provided More Details >>

    • No:23651
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Parameter group is not displayed.

    Some parameters are write-protected. (MR-J4/MR-J3: PA19)The parameter to be displayed is determined by the setting value of this parameter. Do as follows for... More Details >>

    • No:23657
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Total capacity of servo amplifier to ...

    Select the total capacity of the servo amplifier to be connected. For selecting combination of FR-CV power regeneration common converter and servo amplifier ... More Details >>

    • No:23627
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • SSCNET III cable type

    Depending on each cable. Refer to each SSCNET III/H compatible servo amplifier instruction manual. More Details >>

    • No:23652
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Encoder resolution during J3 compatib...

    18 bits (262,144 pulses/rev.) The encoder resolution of HG series servo motor in J4 mode is 22 bits (4,194,304 pulses/rev). For details of J3 compatibility m... More Details >>

    • No:23630
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • Wiring to connector

    You can solder the wiring to the connector without using the junction terminal block (option). More Details >>

    • No:23654
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10
  • One-touch tuning

    The one-touch tuning does not require the response level setting also. Outlines of one-touch tuning and auto tuning are as follows: One-touch tuning: You can... More Details >>

    • No:23629
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:10

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