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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:29
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Operation panel

The inverter's external terminals STF and STR are used to switch between forward and reverse rotations. Is it possible to do this switching using the operation panel of the inverter? 
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Since the operation panels of the E700, D700, and F700PJ do not have keys for the forward (FWD) and reverse (REV) rotations, you can only command rotation in a single direction using the operation panel.
Set Pr.40 (RUN key rotation direction selection) and press the "RUN" key to specify the direction of rotation, forward or reverse.
The operation panels of the A700, F700P, and F700 have keys for the forward (FWD) and reverse (REV) rotations. You can command rotations in both directions.
Product Name
Inverter, magnet motor drive
Product Category
FR-E700, FR-D700, FR-F700PJ, FR-A700, FR-F700P, FR-F700
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