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Resetting inverter after restoring from power failure

I use the FR-A520 inverter with the CC-Link unit FR-A5NC.
Whenever I turn OFF the programmable controller power supply on the master station side and turn it ON, an inverter fault (communication fault) occurs. Can I reset this fault via CC-Link?
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When the programmable controller power is turned OFF while the inverter is in the PLC link operation mode, a communication error occurs and the inverter trips for alarming.
You can reset this fault as well as other faults via CC-Link.
By turning the remote input signal RY1A ON while the alarm is present, inverter error reset is performed.
You can ensure that the inverter error has been reset by checking if the remote output signal RX1A is turned OFF.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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Plug-in option

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