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  • Release Date : 2018/08/22 16:28
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I want to drive other manufacturer's motor with PG

I have been using another manufacturer's old inverter amplifier and it has got broken. Therefore, I want to replace it with Mitsubishi vector inverter amplifier but use the same motor. Can the motor be driven by the inverter?

Motor specifications5.5 kW 1750 rpm 360 VAC 12.8 A PG 2400 ppr line driver output (phase A, phase B, 5 V)
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You can drive the motor with the FR-V240E-5.5K. However, the following conditions apply:

- You need to perform auto tuning because the motor's circuit constant is unknown.
- If the PG output only contains phase A and phase B, you can only perform speed control or torque control.
 To perform position control, you also need the phase z output.
 Set PG pulse constant to the inverter parameter Pr.69 (Number of encoder pulses).

Set other inverter parameters in accordance with the motor specifications.

(Note) Since the inverter output voltage is 320 VAC, the torque will be reduced.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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