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Ethernet connection between one PLC and two GOTs


Multiple GT27, GT25, or GT21 models (Ethernet connection models) can be connected to one Mitsubishi Electric PLC by Ethernet. The number of connectable GOTs differs depending on the controller.

1. When connecting to the MELSEC iQ-R series, motion controller CPU (MELSEC iQ-R series), C Controller module (MELSEC iQ-R series), MELSEC-Q, QS, QnA, L, A, or motion controller CPU (Q series)
 For an Ethernet module, up to 128 (16 or less are recommended) GOTs are connectable.
 However, there are the following restrictions.
 ・ For an RJ71EN71, the maximum number of connectable GOTs per network is 119.
 ・ For models other than the RJ71EN71, the maximum number of connectable GOTs per network is 63.

2. When connecting to the MELSEC-FX
 When an FX3U-ENET-L is used, up to two GOTs are connectable.
 When an FX3U-ENET-ADP is used, up to four GOTs are connectable.

3. When connecting to the Built-in Ethernet port CPU or C Controller module
 Up to 16 GOTs are connectable.
 For the MELSEC iQ-F series, up to 8 GOTs are connectable.

For the details, refer to the following.

・ GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Electric Products) For GT Works3 Version1 (SH-081197ENG)
 "5.2 System Configuration"
Product Name
Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT
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GOT function (communication)
GOT2000 Series