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Change timing of the status of A/D conversion module's I/O signals

(1) Is conversion processing kept performed while the A/D conversion enable signal is ON?
     How does the status of the A/D conversion completed flag change in the above situation when averaging processing is selected
     to perform?

(2) When an auto refresh setting is made for Digital output value using the utility package, the value can be read automatically to
     a specified device at the execution of the END instruction by the CPU module. With what data is Digital output value in the p
     rocess of averaging refreshed?

(3) How do I successively store averaged A/D-converted data?
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(1) If the A/D conversion enable signal is kept ON, conversion processing is kept performed.
     Once conversion processing is successfully performed, A/D conversion completed flag remains ON until an error stops
     conversion processing or conversions are disabled.

(2) Buffer memory data is refreshed at every completion of averaging processing with a specified number of values or in a
     specified time period.
     Therefore, the data read before the specified number of values are obtained or the specified time period elapses is the one
     obtained at the completion of the processing immediately before the processing for the currently targeted set of values.

(3) It may become the solution to the problem to set the mode of averaging processing to averaging in time intervals and read
     the data in a fixed scan execution type program at the same intervals as those for the averaging processing.
     However, it is not ensured that data is always obtained successively because the same data may be read twice with both the
     timing of a program start and the processing timing on the module's part.
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