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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:06
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Enabling the object gesture function


The object gesture function can be enabled when the following conditions 1. and 2. are both satisfied.

 ◆ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version 1.100E or later
  1. Enable the gesture function in the project setting.
    Select [Common] - [GOT Type Setting], and then select [Use the gesture function].
  2. Turn off b0 of the Gesture Common Control (GS1794).

 Set the following item as well to enable the object gesture function in the video/RGB display object.
 ◆ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version 1.130L or later
  Select [Object], and the [Video/RGB Display] dialog appears. Select [Gesture Operation (Scaling/Scrolling)] for [Touch Mode] on the [Video/RGB Setting] tab.
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Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT
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GOT function (gesture)
GOT2000 Series