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Regarding security measures of MELIPC

Please provide me the security measures of MELIPC.
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MELIPC security measures include the following methods.

(1) Windows(R) standard security functions
・ With Windows Defender, you can protect this product from viruses, spyware and other malware.
・ With Windows Firewall, you can protect this product from hackers, viruses, worms, etc.
    that try to infiltrate this product via the Internet.
・ For details on the Windows(R) standard security features, please contact Microsoft Japan Corporation.

(2) Security function of MELIPC (MI5000 series)
・ Windows(R) and VxWorks(R) are operating at the same time, but they are operating independently.
    Even if an error occurs on the Windows(R) part of MELIPC, the VxWorks(R) part is protected and can continue operation.
・ With the service setting function, you can set enable/disable of the service operating in VxWorks(R) part of MELIPC.
    By limiting the services that operate, you can prevent unauthorized access from other users.
・ IP filter function can identify the IP address of access source and prevent unauthorized access.

(3) Security functions of third party products
    As a third party product, "Trend Micro Safe Lock(TM)" (hereinafter referred to as TMSL) is available.
    TMSL is a lockdown security software that operates only for registered applications.
    With limited impact on system performance and no need to update pattern files,
    it is possible to prevent unauthorized programs from entering or executing on special-purpose terminals
    such as control systems and embedded devices where availability is important.
    For more information on TMSL, please contact Trend Micro.
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