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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:10
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Specifying the axis in test operation of MR-J4W

I want to run a test operation to the B axis of MR-J4W2-B. However, only axis 1 is displayed. How can I select the other axes?
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When the MR-J4-B is selected on the model selection screen at creating a new project, the multi-axis check box will be enabled. Click the check box and select the axis to test from A, B or C (MR-J4W3-B only).
The test operation is performed to this axis. (A axis = axis 1, B axis = axis 2, C axis = axis 3)
When running a test operation to another axis, create a new project.

Product Name
MELSERVO-J4, MELSERVO-J3, MR Configurator2