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  • Support of GT Designer2 by the GOT200...

    You cannot create a project data for the GOT2000 series using GT Designer2. Use GT Designer3 (GOT2000) instead. More Details >>

    • No:23515
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
  • Switching languages on the GOT2000 se...

    Up to 30 languages are switchable on the GOT2000 series. More Details >>

    • No:23508
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
  • IP address conflict error

    The IP address of the GOT is used for another device (including GOT) as well. Please change the IP address of the GOT to another one by one of the following ... More Details >>

    • No:23449
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
    • Update:2018/09/26 17:10
  • IP66F

    The first digit of IP66F indicates the level of protection against dust (ingress of solid objects). IP6□ indicates the dustproof type (a wire of 1.0 mm in di... More Details >>

    • No:23536
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:07
  • Setting a password to the rugged model

    A password can be set to the rugged model. A password can be set to the GOT individually for each case when the security is required. ・ Setting a passwor... More Details >>

    • No:23531
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:07
    • Update:2018/09/25 17:18
  • Upgrading the screen design software ...

    Download the latest version of GT Designer3 (GOT2000) from the download section for the GOT on the Mitsubishi Electric FA Global Website. Download the help ... More Details >>

    • No:23510
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
    • Update:2018/09/25 17:25
  • Replacing the backlight of the GOT200...

    You cannot replace the backlight (LED backlight) of the GOT2000 series. More Details >>

    • No:23506
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
  • Device data transfer between devices ...

    The GOT2000 series allows device data to be transferred among multiple controllers (among PLCs, PLCs and temperature controllers, etc.). For the details o... More Details >>

    • No:23499
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
    • Update:2018/09/25 17:29
  • Ethernet connection between the GOT a...

    The following describes an example of settings to connect a GT27, GT25, or GT21 model (Ethernet connection model) and Ethernet ports built in multiple QnUDVC... More Details >>

    • No:23444
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
    • Update:2018/09/26 17:00
  • VNC server function

    The VNC server function can be used in the GOT2000 series as well. However, the license of the VNC server function for the GOT2000 series (GT25-VNCSKEY) is ... More Details >>

    • No:23428
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:06
    • Update:2020/01/07 15:51

11-20 of Total 94