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  • Release Date : 2018/08/31 14:33
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UVT is an internal accessory which trips a circuit breaker in the case that circuit voltage decreases from 70% to 35% or less, and turns it "ON" after resetting manually in the case that circuit voltage recovers to at least 85%. There are "Resettable type" which performs reset operation even with non-excitation and "Reset prevention type" which does not perform reset operation in non-excitation. The makings are D1/P1 and D2/P2.
Precaution for use is as below.
1. For UVT coil, you must apply specified voltage and then reset or make currents.
2. The number of trip durability is 10% of operating cycles of a circuit breaker.
3. You must not reset (Reset prevention type) or make currents (Resettable type) for a circuit breaker with UVT non-excitation because it result in a fault due to wear of tripping latch.
4. In UVT circuit, you must install Miniature circuit breaker or Fuse.
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Internal Accessories
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