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  • Release Date : 2018/08/31 14:33
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Electronic MCCB 400-1600A How to change rated current and characteristic curve (Except CE breakers)

How can I switch the rated current and tripping characteristic of 400 to 1600A frame (except CE marking products) electronic circuit breaker?
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First, turn OFF the upstream circuit breaker and the relevant circuit breaker. You must not work in the state where voltage is applied to the relevant circuit breaker since it may lead to secondary disasters such as short circuit accident by falling a driver and overload or short circuit accident with load circuit and so on.
1. Open the transparent cover.
2. Set the arrow of the setting knob of each characteristic to the desired position. Be sure to set the knob arrow within the thick-bordered range of the setting value for except continuous adjustable type instantaneous tripping current. If it remains at the middle position, the setting value may be next setting value. When setting to "12 s" of the long-time delay operation time, long-time delay may operate before short-time operation. Use a flat-head screwdriver with a tip width of 4.5 mm and thickness of 0.6 mm ,and work at 0.05 N ・ m or less
3. Choose the same rated current sticker as the setting value.
4. Change and attach the rated current sticker on the handle.
5. Close the transparent cover. If necessary, change the sealing sticker.
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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