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  • No : 23171
  • Release Date : 2018/09/07 16:09
  • Update : 2018/10/03 14:48
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In automatic drive mode, the system does not start up or the robot stops during automatic drive.

•In automatic drive mode the system does not start up even if a startup signal is input.
•The robot stops during automatic drive.
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  • A stop signal(STOP/STOP2/SKIP) is being input from an external source.
  • The operating right is not given.(IOENA parameters settings/exclusive input and output).
  • An error is occurring.
  • A start signal(START) has not been input.
  • The slot attribute settings are not set to START.
  • The program's operation commands have not been executed.



  • Check for a stop/startup signals and check the operation rights.
  • Check the attributes of the program.
  • With the robot stopped, check the status of the operation program's execution.
  • If an error message is occurring please cancel it.


Product Name
Industrial Robots MELFA
FR SeriesF Series
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