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Factory Automation

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The position becomes offset.

•The position becomes offset during automatic drive.
•The position becomes offset after moving the equipment.
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  • Program error (arithmetic processing, etc.).
  • Teaching operation error.
  • Peripheral equipment is offset.
  • There is a setting error in the origin position data.
  • The origin position data has been lost(battery life, etc.).
  • Origin positions are offset(the arm was moved while the power supply was OFF, etc.)
  • Connecting parts have come loose.
  • Belt teeth have been skipped.
  • Increased backlash from the reduction gear.


  • Check the positioning data in the area where the positioning has become offset.
  • Check the peripheral equipment and the robot's connecting parts(hand, robot installation section, etc.)
  • Check the remaining time on the robot battery's life.
  • Check the position of the origin positions.
  • Check the condition of the belt.
  • Check whether there is any nearby interference, etc.

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Industrial Robots MELFA
FR Series
F Series

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