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Factory Automation

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  • Release Date : 2018/09/07 16:09
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The hand does not move properly (air hand).



  • An air leak/break in the piping.
  • The solenoid bulb has failed.
  • Wire breakage on the hand signal line.
  • Hand signal line short circuit
  • The hand IF card has failed or has been inserted incorrectly.
  • Sink/source setting error.
  • Hand connecting wire error
  • Insufficient air pressure.
  • A foreign material has got stuck in the air hose.
  • Faulty connection in the cables that run between devices.


  • Carry out a check on the air hose, joints, air pressure, and connecting wire.
  • Check the condition of the hand input/output signal.
  • Check whether or not the controller's sink/source settings and wiring are consistent with each other.
  • Check the condition of the connections on the cables that run between devices.

Product Name
Industrial Robots MELFA
FR Series
F Series

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