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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:06
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Using RS-232 connection and Ethernet connection together

A GOT2000 series model and a Q06HCPU are connected by RS-232.
I want to connect a Q03UDVCPU to this GOT2000 series model by Ethernet.
How can I set it?
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The GT27, GT25, or GT21 model (Ethernet connection models) can monitor up to four controllers (four channels) (such as PLC CPU, temperature controller, and inverter) simultaneously by using the multi-channel function.
Since channel 1 of the GOT is used to connect the Q06HCPU, use channel 2 to connect the Q03UDVCPU by Ethernet.
The following describes an example of settings to connect the GOT and the Ethernet port built in the Q03UDVCPU by Ethernet.
* For the GT21 model (Ethernet connection model), up to two controllers (two channels) can be monitored simultaneously.

1. Configure the following settings in GT Designer3 (GOT2000).
◆ For GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version1.100E or later
 (1) Select [Common] → [Controller Setting] → [CH2] from the menu.
   Controller Type: MELSEC-Q/QS, Q17nD/M/NC/DR, CRnD-700
   I/F: Ethernet:Multi
   (For GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version1.170C or earlier, Standard I/F(Ethernet): Multi)
   Driver: Ethernet(MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC), Gateway
   (For GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version1.178L or earlier, Ethernet (MELSEC), Q17nNC, CRnD-700, Gateway)
   GOT Net No.: 1
   GOT Station: 18
 (2) Select [Common] → [Controller Setting] → [CH2] → [Ethernet Controller Setting] from the menu.
   Host: *
   Net No.: 1 (example)
   Station: 1 (example)
   Unit Type: QnUD(P)V/QnUDEH
   IP address
   Port No. 5006
   Communication: UDP
 (3) Select [Common] → [GOT Ethernet Setting] → [GOT IP Address Setting] → [Standard Port] from the menu.
  (For GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version1.170C or earlier, select [Common] → [Controller Setting] → [CH2] → [Ethernet Setting] from the menu.
   GOT IP address:
   Subnet Mask:

2. Configure the following settings in GX Works2.
 (1) Select [Parameter] → [PLC parameter] → [Built-in Ethernet Port Setting] from the menu.
   IP address:
   Subnet Mask Pattern:
 (2) Select [Parameter] → [PLC parameter] → [Built-in Ethernet Port Setting] → [Open Setting] from the menu.
   Protocol: UDP
   Open System: MELSOFT Connection

For the details, refer to the following.

? GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Electric Products) For GT Works3 Version1 (SH-081197ENG)
 "5.3 GOT Side Settings"
 "5.4 PLC Side Setting"
Product Name
Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT
Product Category
GOT function (communication)
GOT2000 Series

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