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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:06
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Disabling the object gesture function


The object gesture function can be disabled in any of the following methods.

 ◆ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version 1.100E or later
  1. Disable the function in the project setting.
    Select [Common] - [GOT Type Setting], and deselect [Use the gesture function].
   Note that the screen gesture function is also disabled.
  2. Disable the function temporarily by using the GOT special register.
   Turn on b0 of the Gesture Common Control (GS1794).

 Set the following item as well to disable the object gesture function in the video/RGB display object.
 ◆ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Version 1.130L or later
   Select [Object], and the [Video/RGB Display] dialog appears. Select an item other than [Gesture Operation (Scaling/Scrolling)] for [Touch Mode] on the [Video/RGB Setting] tab.
Product Name
Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT
Product Category
GOT function (gesture)
GOT2000 Series

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