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  • No : 25229
  • Release Date : 2019/09/02 16:01
  • Update : 2019/09/02 16:02
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Regarding occasional failure of debug operation of VxWorks

When debugging VxWorks program of MELIPC in the CW Workbench,
debugging operations such as moving to "Disassembly" screen by "Step over" operation may not work as intended.
What should I do in that case?
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There is a possibility that the information of the program loaded to VxWorks of MELIPC does not exist
in the "VxWorks Connection" setting of CW Workbench, and a warning (Checksum mismatch) has occurred
in the connection of CW Workbench and MELIPC.
Please move to "Object Paths" setting from "VxWorks Connection" setting screen of CW Workbench
and add the loaded program to clear connection warning (Checksum mismatch).
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