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Regarding the Windows Active Directory domain (AD domain)

Is there any precautions about joining a Windows Active Directory domain (AD domain)?
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If you join Windows Active Directory domain (hereinafter referred to as "AD domain"),
configuration policy is changed to the setting policy of AD domain.
Therefore, depending on the setting policy of AD domain, system operation may be interrupted.
・ By joining the AD domain, time synchronization by the Windows Time service may be enabled.
    The MI5000 also has a clock data synchronization setting function, and as the default setting,
    it is set to synchronize with clock data of VxWorks part. For this reason,
    multiple time synchronization operations may conflict, and the time may not be set correctly.
・ In MI5000, Windows Update is not performed automatically.
    However, by joining AD domain, Windows Update may be changed to perform automatically.

If the configuration policy is changed due to participation in the AD domain and problems occur in system operation,
please consult with the network administrator who manages AD domain settings.
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