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Surge voltage of 400 V motor

To upgrade the existing facilities, what is necessary in addition to the inverter for when 400 V motor and inverter are used.
Is there possibility of motor burnout since the motor is not upgraded this time?
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When the wire between the 400 V inverter and motor is long (20 m or longer), surge voltage occurs momentarily. This voltage is as two or more times as the DC voltages converted by the inverter (400 VAC × √2 = 565 VDC), and is 1000 VDC or higher.
Since this voltage can deteriorate insulation of the motor:
1. Use an insulation-enhanced motor.
2. Attach the surge voltage suppression filter (FR-ASF-H).
Consider the above countermeasures.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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FR-A024, FR-E500, FR-A100, FR-F500, FR-A200, FR-A500, FR-V200