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Speed fluctuation

What is the speed fluctuation for the vector inverter external fluctuation (load fluctuation, power supply voltage fluctuation, and surrounding air temperature)?
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I use the dedicated motor SF-VR with the same capacity as the inverter.

1. Load fluctuationSpeed fluctuation ratio with the load fluctuation 0 to 100% is:With digital setting: ±0.01% of rated speedWith analog setting: ±0.1% of rated speed

2. Power supply voltage fluctuationIt is considered that power supply voltage fluctuation does not cause speed fluctuation as far as it is within the rated input power supply voltage.

3. Surrounding air temperature fluctuationSurrounding air temperature fluctuation may cause the speed command value to fluctuate with the analog input and fluctuation of ±0.1% of the rated speed is probable.
  With the digital setting, the speed command value does not fluctuate and there is practically no speed fluctuation.
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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