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  • Release Date : 2018/08/27 16:41
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Communication failure with the upper system through MODBUS RTU.

This model cannot establish communication with the upper system through MODBUS RTU. What is the assumed cause?
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Please check the following items.
(A) Is the power supplied between MA and MB?
(When the power is not supplied, the display does not work.)
(B) Is the wiring connection correct? (Connection error for T/R+ and T/R-, placement error for a termination, etc.)
(C) Is the protocol of the master device set to the RTU mode?
(D) Does the address required by the master device correspond to the setting address at the main body of ME96?
(E) Do the settings of the baud rate, the parity and the stop bit of this model correspond to the settings of the master device?
(F) When an error code is received, please check the error contents of Section 6 of the Specifications “LSPM0075”.
Depending on the software of the master device, an address range of the holding register reading is assigned from 40001 to 49999.
For example, a decimal numeric register address of single-phase current of ME96 is “768”. However, in case of the above software, a register address shall be “40679”, which is “768” + “40001”.
Product Name
Electronic Multi-Measuring Instrument
ME96SS series

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