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  • Release Date : 2018/08/27 16:41
  • Update : 2020/04/13 09:17
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Replied value on the communication operation test of test mode (ME96SS series).

What data are replied on the test mode?
Are the initial set values displayed regardless of setting?
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(A) Measurement values
As for the measurement elements on the test mode screen, the set values are displayed. As for the other measurement elements, 0 is displayed. (1 is displayed for the power factor.)
(B) 16-bit Monitor
The current contact input status is replied.

(C) Alarm
As for the measurement elements set at the main body, “Alarm” will be displayed.

The shift to the test mode needs the setting at the main body.
The upper system cannot shift to the test mode.
Product Name
Electronic Multi-Measuring Instrument
ME96SS series

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