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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:06
  • Update : 2018/09/26 16:54
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How to use the wireless LAN communication unit (GT25-WLAN)


The following functions are available with the wireless LAN connection by using the wireless LAN communication unit (GT25-WLAN).
・ Communication with GT Designer3
・ FA transparent function
・ Time setting function (Acquiring time-of-day information from the SNTP server)
・ Remote personal computer operation (Ethernet) function
・ VNC server function
・ Multimedia function (Sending a video file to a personal computer)
・ Server function, client function
・ Mail send function
・ FTP server function
・ File transfer function (FTP transfer)
・ SoftGOT-GOT link function
・ MES interface function
・ Log viewer function
・ GOT Mobile function

* The standards, which must be complied with by the countries where the unit can be used, differ depending on the hardware version of the wireless LAN communication unit (GT25-WLAN).
 For the details, refer to the following Technical News.
・ GOT2000 Series Wireless LAN Communication Unit (GT25-WLAN) Complies with Overseas Radio Laws and Regulations (GOT-A-0096)

For information on how to use the wireless LAN communication unit (GT25-WLAN), refer to the following.
・ GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Screen Design Manual (SH-081220ENG)
 "5.3.12 Configuring the settings for a wireless LAN ([Wireless LAN Setting])"
Product Name
Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT
Product Category
Communication unit
GOT2000 Series

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