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Parameter group is not displayed.

I want to use HG-AK motor with MR-J3W-0303BN6. However, the parameter PO group is not displayed. How can I see the PO group?
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Some parameters are write-protected. (MR-J4/MR-J3: PA19)
The parameter to be displayed is determined by the setting value of this parameter.
Do as follows for MR Configurator2.
Method 1:
Set PA19 to “000E” in the list display and perform the parameter reading after writing PA19 to the servo amplifier (servo amplifier power supply OFF/ON).
Method 2:
Set PA19 to “000E” in the parameter block and click “initial setting” button.
The parameters other than PA19 are initialized.

The setting value “000E” differs depending on the parameter reference/writing range.

Product Name
MR Configurator2

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