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Terminal AM calibration

I want to attach the following analog frequency meter to the terminal AM. Can I display its setting by terminal calibration?
The initial setting is 10 VDC = 212 A. How can I calibrate this?
Mitsubishi analog frequency meter YM-206NRI FS, 10 VDC, scale 0 to 300 A
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1. By setting Pr.158 (Terminal AM function selection) to "21" (Reference voltage output), 10 V is output from the terminal AM.
2. Read Pr.901 in the PU operation mode and use the arrow keys to adjust the needle to the full scale position.
Press and hold the SET key for 1.5 seconds to complete setting.
3. Set Pr.158 (Terminal AM function selection) to "2" (Output current).
4. Set Pr.56 (Current monitor reference) to the full-scale value (300 A).
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Inverter, magnet motor drive
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FR-A100, FR-F500, FR-A200, FR-A500