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  • No : 22112
  • Release Date : 2018/08/27 16:41
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Cautions for replacing a battery (EcoWebServerIII).

How to handle power supply when replacing a battery of EcoWebServerIII (MES3-255C-EN, MES3-255C-DM-EN)?
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Surely OFF the power of the EcoWebServerIII (MES3-255C-EN, MES3-255C-DM-EN) when replacing battery. Replacing a battery while power ON may cause electric shock / malfunction.
Replace a battery in 3 minutes. When the state of removing a battery exceeds 3 minutes, the latest 1 hour data and clock may be formatted. (Data before 1 hour and setting value are not formatted)
Refer to user's manual: hardware edition for details of battery replacement.
The manual is downloadable in this site.
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Energy Saving Data Collecting Servers
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