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As to ejecting an SD memory card.

When is the time to eject an SD memory card from a Logging Unit (Model: EMU4-LM) for the Energy Measuring Unit?
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The timing for ejecting an SD memory card is specified as below table according to the state of the [SD C.] LED of the Logging Unit for the Energy Measuring Unit.
Where an SD memory card is ejected while [SD C.] LED is lit, it may cause a damage on the data of the SD memory card or malfunction of the SD memory card.
 [SD C.LED]  Communication state  State of the SD memory card
 Lighting  Communicating
 Do not eject the SD memory card.
 It wil communicate at next timing when:
 1. Inserting the SD memory card whilie operating;
 2. Turing power on while the SD memory card is inserted;
 3. Every hour on the hour while SD memory card is inserted.
 Light out  Communication stop  Ejectable.
 SD memory card error
 (Communication stop)
 Errors in the SD memory card.
 Confirm contents of the error.

* Repeat lighting for 0.25 sec and lighting out for 0.25 sec.
Product Name
Energy Measuring Units
EcoMonitor Plus, EcoMonitorLight

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