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  • No : 22129
  • Release Date : 2018/08/27 16:41
  • Update : 2018/08/31 14:17
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As to Zero-Phase Current Transformer (ZCT) usable for the EcoMonitorPlus (Model: EMU4-LG1-MB).

Instruct what kind Zero-Phase Current Transformer is usable for EcoMonitorPlus (Model: EMU4-LG1-MB).
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Refer to the below table as to Zero-Phase Current Transformer usable for EcoMonitorPlus (Model: EMU4-LG1-MB).
Note that the one made by another company is invalid. 
 Product name  Model  Specification
 Split-type Zero-phase
 Current Transformer
 CZ-22S  Hole diameter (m): 22     Split-type
 CZ-30S  Hole diameter (m): 30     Split-type
 CZ-55S  Hole diameter (m): 55     Split-type
 CZ-77S  Hole diameter (m): 77     Split-type
 CZ-112S  Hole diameter (m): 112     Split-type
 Through-type Zero-phase
 Current Transformer
 ZT15B  Hole diameter (m): 15     Through-type
 ZT30B  Hole diameter (m): 30     Through-type
 ZT40B  Hole diameter (m): 40     Through-type
 ZT60B  Hole diameter (m): 60     Through-type
 ZT80B  Hole diameter (m): 80     Through-type
 ZT100B  Hole diameter (m): 100     Through-type
 Zero-phase Current
 Transformer with Primary
 ZTA600A  Allowable current (A): 600     Rated burden: 3
 ZTA1200A  Allowable current (A): 1200     Rated burden: 3
 ZTA2000A  Allowable current (A): 2000     Rated burden: 3
Product Name
Energy Measuring Units
EcoMonitor Plus

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