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Factory Automation

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  • Release Date : 2018/08/27 16:41
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As to indication of the measurement value of the electric energy (EcoMonitorPlus/Light).

What happens when the measurement value of the electric energy exceeds 99999.9kWh(MWh)?
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It measures from 0kWh(MWh) after going round.

Integer 4 digits : 9999.98→9999.99→0000.00→0000.01kWh(MWh)
Integer 5 digits : 99999.8→99999.9→00000.0→00000.1kWh(MWh)
Integer 6 digits : 999998→999999→000000→000001kWh
Product Name
Energy Measuring Units
EcoMonitor Plus, EcoMonitorLight

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