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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:10
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Machine analyzer

What does the machine analyzer do?
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The machine analyzer analyzes the machine frequency characteristic
and calculates the frequency of machine resonance suppression filter by measuring the resonance frequency of machine. (For MR-J4/MR-J3: PB13, PB15)
This function can be used when the optimum filter cannot be obtained automatically by one-touch tuning and adaptive tuning.

Procedure of machine analyzer is as follows.
1. Set the operation conditions (torque command level, allowable stroke, etc.)
2. Start the operation (servo motor operates when starting from the personal computer)
3. Running (reading the after-vibration data for several seconds and repeating three times)
4. Display the results (draw in the board diagram, and confirm the resonance and anti-resonance points by cursor)
Set the machine resonance suppression filter by the parameter setting. (resonance frequency/notch shape)

Product Name
MR Configurator2
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