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  • Release Date : 2018/09/14 15:10
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MR Configurator2

What are the differences between MR Configurator and MR Configurator2?
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MR Configurator2 has been improved in the following.
・The servo assistant function introduces the related functions for each operation step to enable the first-time user to easily use it.
・Selecting the desired screen by tab while the multiple functions are displayed
・Enabling the shorter time of searching for parameter and understanding the meaning of setting value since
the grouped parameter per function can be edited by selecting from the pull-down menu.
(Supporting the edit screen of the existing numerical value setting method)
Enabling the setting without referring to the instruction manual since
the Docking help shows the detailed description of the parameter along the operation parameter.
・Enabling to reduce the number of times that the measurement data file is saved/read
since the graph function that measures the servo amplifier operation in waveform performs the batch control of the multiple measurement data by the historical management.
Multi axis graph of MR-J3-B servo amplifier can measure/display the waveforms of maximum analog 3ch/axis x the number of axes connected at the same time.
・On tuning screen, the parameter related to the servo adjustment is located according to the adjustment procedure and operability has been improved.
・Life diagnosis function supports the maintenance by easy display of replacement time for parts having service life.
・Reducing the downtime of equipment since
the alarm display function narrows down the cause of alarm occurrence by collecting information from the servo amplifier even on the same alarm number.
The other functions have been also improved.
Product Name
MR Configurator2

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