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FAQ within [ Energy Measuring Units ]

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  • Extension of cable of the Display Uni...

    It is possible to extend using an extension cable (Model: EMU2-CB-T1M, EMU2-CB-T5M, EMU2-CB-T10M). Secure the total length of the extension cable is less t... More Details >>

    • No:22122
    • Release Date:2018/08/27 16:41
  • Method for measuring a circuit over 6...

    Attach a current transformer (CT) whose secondary current is 5A to the measuring point, then connect a split-type 5A current sensor (Model: EMU-CT5-A, EMU2-C... More Details >>

    • No:22119
    • Release Date:2018/08/27 16:41
    • Update:2018/09/07 11:38
  • [EcoMonitorPlus] Caution when you are...

    Display Unit (Model: EMU4-D65) manufactured in October 2016 or before is version A, S/W version: 1.05, which does not support either Pulse Input Unit (Model:... More Details >>

    • No:38009
    • Release Date:2020/11/12 13:03
  • As to compensation for power failure...

    Since the setting value, integrated value (electric energy (consumption, regeneration), reactive energy, periodic electric energy, pulse count and operating ... More Details >>

    • No:22141
    • Release Date:2018/08/27 16:41
  • As to logging period of the optional ...

    Logging period of the optional SD memory card (EMU4-SD2GB) is according to the logging cycle of detail data and the number of measuring circuits. * It is ... More Details >>

    • No:22136
    • Release Date:2018/08/27 16:41
    • Update:2018/09/07 12:48
  • As to ejecting an SD memory card.

    The timing for ejecting an SD memory card is specified as below table according to the state of the [SD C.] LED of the Logging Unit for the Energy Measuring ... More Details >>

    • No:22121
    • Release Date:2018/08/27 16:41
    • Update:2018/09/07 13:04

31-36 of Total 36