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  • Release Date : 2018/08/21 16:10
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About satisfying Korea's high-efficiency specifications

Please explain about geared motors that satisfy Korean high-efficiency standards.
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When exporting geared motors to Korea, high-efficiency regulation apply regardless of whether they are shipped on their own or incorporated in a device of some sort. The parties who are obliged to acquire the certification are "manufacturers or importers located in the Republic of Korea." Manufacturers located in foreign countries cannot obtain the certification.
Accordingly, if you export Mitsubishi Geared Motor to Korea, it needs to either request a Korea-based importer who is already obtain certification or the relevant Korea-based importer will acquire the certification.
In Mitsubishi Electric's case, certification has been obtained under Premium Geared Motor (IE3).
Certified models: 0.75 to 7.5kW; 220V, 60Hz; 440V, 60Hz.
Product Name
Geared Motors
Geared Motors Parallel shaft type, Geared Motors Right angle shaft type

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