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  • Release Date : 2018/08/21 16:10
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Regarding the overexcitation phenomenon at no load


A motor's current of electricity comprises the torque's current, which is proportional to the exciting current and load torque for generating a rotating magnetic field, and the motor current that is the outward expression of the current of the combined vectors. Using the general V/F control technique, it corrects the voltage (boosts torque) to improve the voltage of the motor at lower speeds.
However, when the torque boost is too high at lower speeds, the motor current is increased (overexcitation phenomenon) regardless of rise in the exciting current and no-load. It is possible to avoid the overexcitation phenomenon by setting the torque boost to its lowest level, but it is conversely necessary to take care to be sure that the resulting torque is not too low.
Product Name
Geared Motors
Geared Motors Parallel shaft type, Geared Motors Right angle shaft type, S-PM Geared Motors Parallel shaft type, S-PM Geared Motors Right angle shaft type
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