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FAQ within [ MELSEC-Q Series ]

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  • How to use file registers R in the Q ...

    File registers R can be used for data whose size is exceeding 32k points with RSET instruction, which is a block switching instruction. Use file registers... More Details >>

    • No:22525
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
    • Update:2018/09/20 14:29
  • How to read the device memory in GX W...

    Select [Online] -> [Read from PLC] from the menu and check "Device Memory" in the file list in the window and then execute PLC read. More Details >>

    • No:22621
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • Difference between R and ZR

    File registers "R" use the block switching method. The number of file register points used are divided and specified in units of 32k points. When multiple ... More Details >>

    • No:22512
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
    • Update:2018/09/20 13:29
  • Error code "2400" in QCPU

    The error code "2400" is "FILE SET ERROR".It may be determined as the cause of the error that the file that has been specified by a parameter does not exist.... More Details >>

    • No:22703
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • Error in simulation in GX Works2

    This problem can be workarounded by upgrading software products made by other companies to the latest version or uninstalling them.For more details, refer to... More Details >>

    • No:22570
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • PLC type change in GX Developer

    Follow the steps below and then execute PLC type change.- On the menu of GX Developer, select [Online] -> [Monitor] -> [Stop Monitoring (All Windows)],... More Details >>

    • No:22522
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
  • Memory allocation for online change i...

    The capacity of parameters and programs subtracted from the program capacity for the CPU type in use equals the size of the maximum number of steps. More Details >>

    • No:22671
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • Writing files in CSV format

    Use SP.FWRITE instruction to save the data to an ATA card in CSV format.For Q00UJCPU, Q00UCPU, and Q01UCPU, however, memory cards cannot be used thus data ca... More Details >>

    • No:22652
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • CSV format import/export capability o...

    From version 1.64S, GX Works2 can import/export device comments in CSV format but does not support the function for parameters equivalent to that of GX Conve... More Details >>

    • No:22643
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • Transfer setup in GX Works2

    The Transfer Setup window is displayed in the Navigation window. More Details >>

    • No:22579
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29

11-20 of Total 213