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FAQ within [ MELSEC-Q Series ]

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  • Writing files in CSV format

    Use SP.FWRITE instruction to save the data to an ATA card in CSV format.For Q00UJCPU, Q00UCPU, and Q01UCPU, however, memory cards cannot be used thus data ca... More Details >>

    • No:22652
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • How to check scan time

    SD520 stores the current scan time in 1 ms units. More Details >>

    • No:22556
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
  • Duplicated coil error

    The duplicated coil error is detected when SET instruction and RST instruction use the same device. More Details >>

    • No:22534
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
  • Local devices

    Local devices are devices which can be independently used for each program.When multiple independent programs are executed, using local devices allows progra... More Details >>

    • No:22531
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
  • Copying device comments in GX Developer

    Open the copy destination project in GX Developer.From the menu, select [Project] -> [Copy], specify the copy source project, and check the device comment... More Details >>

    • No:22519
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
  • Clearing the battery error without re...

    It is impossible. Battery replacement is essential in clearing the battery error and the power of the programmable controller must be turned off before the... More Details >>

    • No:22510
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
    • Update:2018/09/20 13:27
  • GX Developer's compatibility with 64-...

    GX Developer Version 8.98C or later supports 64-bit Windows 7. To install GX Developer to a Windows 7-based personal computer, refer to the following techni... More Details >>

    • No:22501
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:28
    • Update:2018/09/20 12:19
  • How to control MV value

    You can use the output change upper limit value and the MV upper/lower limit limiter, the functions common to each PID control tag. Set the following parame... More Details >>

    • No:22724
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
    • Update:2018/09/26 16:40
  • Replacing personal computers with C C...

    The merits are as follows. (1) Downsized device The volume ratio is 1 to 10 in comparison with the VME card rack (6U) type. (2) Long-term stable supply... More Details >>

    • No:22706
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29
    • Update:2018/09/21 14:33
  • Accessing file registers from the bui...

    The QnUDE(H)CPU modules with serial numbers with upper 5 digits of "14112" or later indicate compatibility with the function. The accessible device range is ... More Details >>

    • No:22645
    • Release Date:2018/09/03 17:29

51-60 of Total 213