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Changing the display language of device comments with GX Works3

How can I change the display language of device comments with GX Works3?
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In the multiple comments display setting, you can set a comment title of the device comments to be set.

<Displaying the multiple comments display setting>
[View] -> [Mulitple Commnets Dispaly Setting]

<Setting procedure>
(1) Put a checkmark in "Enable Multiple Comments Dispaly".
(2) Put a checkmark in "Available" and enter a comment tile.
(3) Select comments to be displayed in the program editor or various monitor screens in "Target".
(4) Enter a comment in each row in the device comment editor.

Set device comments for each language in the device comment editor.
<Setting device comments>
[Navigation Window] -> [Device] -> [Device Comment]
Product Name
MELSEC iQ-R Series
MELSEC iQ-R Series

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