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How to use the database function of the MELSEC iQ-R series

How can I use the database function of the MELSEC iQ-R series?
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The database function manages tabular data including product information and production information as a database
in a programmable controller.

<How to create a database>
 (1) Create a Unicode text file in which the configurations of the database and its tables have been defined.
 (2) Write the created Unicode text file into an SD memory card.
 (3) Specify the Unicode text file and execute the "DBIMPORT(P)" instruction.
         A database folder is created in the folder where the Unicode text file has been stored and the database is constructed.

[Example: Format example of the Unicode text file]

<How to use the database>
 (1) Execute the DBOPEN(P) instruction to connect to the database that you want to work on.
 (2) Operate the database (addition/update/search/deletion of data).
 (3) Execute the DBCLOSE(P) instruction to disconnect the connection to the database.

For details on the database function and access instructions, refer to the following manual.
- MELSEC iQ-R CPU Module User's Manual (Application)
Product Name
MELSEC iQ-R Series
MELSEC iQ-R Series

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