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  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:28
  • Update : 2018/09/19 14:58
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How to prevent unauthorized access to MELSEC iQ-R series CPU modules via a network

Does the MELSEC iQ-R series CPU module have any function to prevent unauthorized access via a network?
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The MELSEC iQ-R series CPU module has "IP filter function" and "remote password function" as security functions.
With the "IP filter function", you can set IP addresses accessible to the CPU module and prevent unauthorized access to
the CPU module.With the "remote password function", you can set a password to access the CPU module.

<Setting the IP filter function>
[Navigation Window] -> [Parameter] -> [CPU Module] -> [Module Parameter] -> [Application Setting] -> [Security] -> [IP Filter Settings]

<Setting the remote password function>
[Navigation Window] → [Parameter] → [Remote Password]
Product Name
MELSEC iQ-R Series
MELSEC iQ-R Series
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