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  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:29
  • Update : 2018/09/21 14:21
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Compatibility between the A series modules and Q series modules

I am considering replacing A2USCPU-S1 with a Q series module.
Is the software for the A series modules compatible with the software for the Q series modules? I want to continue using the I/O modules, NET/10 module, and CC-Link module currently in use, if it is possible.
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When an ACPU module is replaced with a QCPU module, programs for the ACPU module can be used by changing the PLC type in GX Developer. However, the programs may need to be modified because there are additional functions and some specifications are different. Note that the percentage of the modifications depends on the instructions and modules in use and thus we can neither determine nor show the percentage here.

The model name of main base units is Q3[ ]B ([ ]: 5, 8, or 12) for QCPU. Modules being used together with A2USCPU can be used if they are mounted on the extension base unit QA1S65B or QA1S68B. However, there are unmountable modules and modules whose functionality is restricted. The NET/10 module and CC-Link module currently used need to be replaced with the QCPU equivalents because they are unmountable.

If a QCPU (A mode) module is used, the programs and modules can be used as they are. However, the main base unit, extension base units, and extension cables need to be replaced with QA1S3[ ]B, QA1S6[ ]B, and QC[ ]B respectively.
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