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  • No : 22709
  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:29
  • Update : 2018/09/21 15:11
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How to suppress the instability of digital-converted output values

How do I suppress the instability of digital-converted output values from an analog input module?
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(1) Use separate cables for the AC control circuit and the external input signals of an analog input module to avoid the influence of
     the AC side surges and inductions.
(2) Do not mount the cables close to or bundle them with the main circuit line, a high-voltage cable or a load cable from other than
     the programmable controller. This may increase the effects of noise, surges, and induction.
(3) Perform an one-point grounding for shielded lines and the shields of sealed cables.
(4) Use the averaging processing and filtering functions of the analog input module in use.
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A / D Conversion Module
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