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  • No : 22856
  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:30
  • Update : 2018/09/22 14:18
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Statements of GX Works2 and the scan time

Does the scan time change when statements are displayed in the Navigation window of GX Works2?
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The input method for statements, either "PLC" or "Peripheral", makes a difference.

 - If "PLC" is set for statements, they are written into the program memory.
   The string [Title], necessary for display in the project view, is also written to the program memory thus increasing
   the number of steps. 
   -> The increase in the steps slightly affect the scan time.
       *The scan time is increased by Increase in steps × NOP processing time
       *The increase in steps is 3 to 4(It depends on the number of bytes of the statements.).

 - If "Peripheral" is set for statements The display of statements in the project view does not affect the scan time
   (The addition of the string [Title] does not increase the number of steps.).
Product Name
Engineering Software, MELSEC-Q Series, MELSEC-L Series
Software Package (GPP function), CPU, MELSEC-L Series
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