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  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:31
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Remedies for WDT errors on a MELSECNET/H board

The MELSECNET/H utility notifies that an error has occurred on the MELSECNET/H interface board Q80BD-J71LP21-25 and the error code is -28158 (9202H). What is the error and how can I prevent the error?
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The error code indicates a WDT (watchdog timer) error. It is determined as the cause that the MELSECNET/H driver cannot work due to a computer or OS hang, or the control was not transferred to the MELSECNET/H driver in the WDT timeout period because the processing of another driver had been performed by the CPU.
As a remedy, check if there are personal computer system errors and solve the problems if there are.
Alternatively, adjust "Driver WDT Monitoring Time" in the "Driver" window of the MNETH utility.
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