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  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:31
  • Update : 2018/09/26 09:27
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Effect on sequence scans in MELSECNET/H networks

When the refresh parameter for a MELSECNET/H network is set, the sequence scan time becomes longer.How do I reduce the scan time?
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It is necessary to reduce the link refresh time of the MELSECNET/H network in order to reduce the scan time.
The link refresh time can be reduced by reducing the number of refresh points assigned to the CPU module. Reduce the refresh points using either of the following methods:

(1) Using the refresh parameter
     Set the refresh parameter so that only necessary areas are refreshed.

(2) Direct access to link devices
     The refresh time can be reduced by directly accessing link devices used less frequently by the host station and excluding
     them from the refresh range.
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