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  • No : 22309
  • Release Date : 2018/08/30 13:55
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Regardng compatability with other product series

With the FX5U/FX5UC CPU modules
can FX2N series I/O modules (or extension modules) be connected?
can FX2 intelligent function modules be connected?
can FX3 special adapters be connected?
can FX3 intelligent function modules be connected?
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Although the connection with FX2N series I/O modules, FX2 series intelligent function modules, and FX3 series special adater is not possible,
FX 3 series intelligent function modules can be connected.
However, bus conversion module is required. (FX5-CNV-BUS/FX5-CNV-BUSC).
Product Name
Product Category
CPU Module, I/O Module
MELSEC iQ-F Series
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