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  • No : 22631
  • Release Date : 2018/09/03 17:29
  • Update : 2018/09/21 10:45
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Simulation function not started

When trying to start the simulation function, the following error appears. Are there any remedies?

Communication with PLC cannot be established. The possible causes are as follows. Refer to manuals or other related instructions.
 - Faulty cable (faulty connection, break)
 - The PLC power is OFF or in the reset state.
 - Faulty hardware in the power module, CPU module, I/O modules, intelligent module, network module, base unit, 
   or extension cable in use

<ES: 01808201>
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The simulation function utilizes the standard TCP/IP communication provided by Microsoft Corporation.
A communication capability of software of another maker may have been affecting the standard TCP/IP communication
thus preventing the simulation function from working.
As a remedy, update the software of another maker to the latest version or just uninstall it.
The pieces of software having such an effect, which we have discovered so far, are listed below.

For more details, refer to the technical bulletin "FA-A-0076".

Product Name
Software Package (GPP function)
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