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Positioning start


There are two ways to start a positioning operation:
(1) Set the "[Cd.3] Positioning start No.", and turn ON the positioning start signal.
(2) Use the dedicated instructions "ZP.PSTRT1, ZP.PSTRT2, ZP.PSTRT3, ZP.PSTRT4".
    [Example of a program which starts axis 1]
     Execute [ZP.PSTRT1 "U0" D30 M32]
        "U0": Head I/O number
        D30: System area
        D31: Complete status
        D32: Start number
        M32: ZP.PSTRT1 instruction complete device
        M33: ZP.PSTRT1 instruction error complete device

(Note): With QD77MS16/LD77MS16/LD77MH16, the dedicated instructions are enabled only for 1 to 4 axes.
        Note that a positioning for 5 to 16 axes must be started by (1).
Product Name
Simple Motion module/
Positioning module

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