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FAQ within [ Motion Controllers ]

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  • Error 2035

    Error 2035 (Command frequency error) occurs when the servo amplifier detects a command frequency error. (1) When the command from the controller is the permi... More Details >>

  • Warning 093CH

    Warning 093CH (Home position return data incorrect) occurs when the backup data for absolute position restoration is lost.Execute the machine home position r... More Details >>

  • Home position address

    Set "[Pr.45] Home position address" of the basic parameters for home position return • Axis 1 to 16: 72+150n, 73+150n • Axis 17 to 32: 1000072+150n, 1000073+... More Details >>

    • No:23600
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Category: RD77MS  ,  RD77GF
  • Speed change during operation

    Specify the target axes during operation, and execute the following speed change request instruction. (1) Motion SFC program/Motion program Speed change requ... More Details >>

    • No:23573
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Category: Q17nDCPU  ,  Q170MCPU
  • PCPU READY complete flag (SM500)

    The PCPU READY complete flag (SM500) turns ON when no error is detected in the fixed parameters, servo parameters, and limit switch output data, which are ch... More Details >>

  • Deceleration stop

    Because the rapid stop deceleration time is larger than the deceleration time.Set the rapid stop deceleration time within the range of 1 to the deceleration ... More Details >>

    • No:23551
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Category: RnMTCPU
  • Warning 093EH

    Error 093EH (SSCNET communication error) occurs when erroneous data is received from servo amplifier. [When the servo parameter "[PA14] Rotation direction s... More Details >>

  • Torque limit value change

    The torque limit value can be changed regardless of JOG operation status.Set the new torque limit value with "[Cd.22] New torque value". More Details >>

    • No:23608
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Category: QD75M
  • Servo status

    Yes. You can check the servo status through the following monitor data. • "[Md.108] Servo status 1" • "[Md.119] Servo status 2" • "[Md.125] Servo status 3... More Details >>

    • No:23589
    • Release Date:2018/09/14 15:09
    • Update:2023/03/09 10:24
    • Category: RD77MS  ,  RD77GF  ,  FX5SSC
  • CUP type of stand-alone Motion controller

    The following shows the specification for the PLC CPU area. Q170MSCPU: Equivalent to PLC CPU "Q03UDCPU" • Program capacity: 30k steps • LD instruction proces... More Details >>

61-70 of Total 72