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FAQ within [ FREQROL-A800 ]

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  • Parameter unit

    The FR-PU07(BB) can be used with some restrictions.* The major restrictions are as follows. - Pr.1000 or later cannot be set. - Alarms or warnings that are a... More Details >>

    • No:21119
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:26
  • Plug-in options

    The conventional plug-in option (FR-A7[][]) cannot be used. Use the dedicated plug-in option (FR-A8[][]). More Details >>

    • No:21114
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:25
  • USB

    The mini B connector is used for connecting with FR Configurator2. A USB memory device can be connected to the A connector (host) to save parameters or trace... More Details >>

    • No:21095
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:25
  • Noise filter compliant with the ship ...

    It is recommended to use the noise filter manufactured by Soshin Electric Co., Ltd. There is no difference in the filter type depending on the certification ... More Details >>

    • No:21049
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:25
  • FR-A800-E

    It is available if the CC-Link option of the FR-A8NC is installed. More Details >>

    • No:20894
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24
  • STOP function of the FR-A800

    No, it is not. It is released by the inverter reset that releases E.OHT. More Details >>

    • No:20843
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24
  • FR-A800-E

    It indicate that the actual number of connectable units differs depending on the master side specification although the maximum number of connectable units o... More Details >>

    • No:20839
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24
  • Switching time of the FR-A800 control

    20 ms or less is required to switch the control with the MC signal. More Details >>

    • No:20838
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24
  • FR-A800/FR-F800

    When only the main circuit input power supply is cut off with the MC (when the power supply shutoff time is long), the main circuit undervoltage or instantan... More Details >>

    • No:20833
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24
  • FR-A800 "Parameter for the communicat...

    These parameters are used for the communication compatible with the communication protocol of the Ethernet IP of the HMS optional circuit board (A8NEIP_2P). More Details >>

    • No:20824
    • Release Date:2018/08/22 16:24

21-30 of Total 144